Children & Family Photography

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Experience fine art children's portraiture in any number of styles to suit your taste and your child's personality. Some common children's concepts include Classic Innocence, Relationships, Edgy Urban, Young Lifestyles, Pure Attitude and Kidding Around. We take the concept in our initial consultation and discuss with you what you would like as a final product.

Our clients enjoy our creative portraits collages, and custom designed cards, albums and other signature creations you won't find from most portrait photographers.

We treat each children's portrait session as a unique experience. We often find our best and most unique artwork is created on location. Many of our clients choose to have portrait sessions at their homes where their children play, where they are surrounded by people and things that make them happy and where they are most relaxed. Let us help you plan a special session for your children today.

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Antique Honey creates rich, meaningful family portraits in three distinct styles. All three styles are generally captured through our distinctive portrait sessions. We strive to capture these different aspects, because each of these details helps to tell your families story.

Traditional family portraits are created at your home, or at another location of your choice. Emphasis is on a relaxed family in harmony with the environment and with each other.

Relationship portraits explore the true relationships between family members which can range from playful to caring. Clothing, settings, lighting and positioning all bring focus to your family's faces, expressions and connections to one another. Relationship sessions often lead to a series of images that capture different relationships between different family members and our artists can help you find the right products to help show those relationships.

Lifestyle portraits explore active families living their lives from something as simple as a family taking a walk, to picnics and playing at the park. Lifestyle portraits reflect what families do together and are strong with meaning as a result. Combining Lifestyle and Relationship styles often produces powerful images of your family with rich meaning and value that will last for generations.

Ask us how we can help create a one-of-a-kind portrait for your family that will be rich in meaning and lasting value.

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