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A sophisticated and
seductive portrayal of you

{ boudoir portraiture }
Highly allocated in the industry as one of New Yorks's top boudoir photographers, Monica Fish provides an experience and level of intimacy that really stands out. Your experience begins with a consult to discuss with us your vision and comfort level. Fashion styling and Set Design of your shoot is complimentary as well. The day of, relax with a glass of champagne, to your favorite music, while you are transformed with our hair and makeup stylist who are available to glam you up!

Boudoir portraits are tasteful photos that hint at sexiness. They're cute, fun, sexy, flirty and even a bit sensual all the while maintaining your comfort level. They are often done as gifts for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, Deployments or for "THE Groom". Overall, Antique Honey believes that Boudoir portraits should be done for yourself. Embrace yourself, and your beauty.

Sexy and sultry, these boudoir images exude a sophisticated and seductive portrayal that you are sure to love!

glammed up
feeling gorgeous
girls night in !

{ boudoir & pinup parties }
Boudoir parties are a fun excuse to get your friends together and have a splendid , girly time. Invite your friends over to take a few tasteful and sexy photos with an industry leading photographer, and having an introduction to boudoir photography. Some women are uncomfortable doing a boudoir portrait session on their own, and Antique Honey understands that. So we say, why not make it a party? Boudoir Parties are not full boudoir portrait sessions, and instead are more of a social experience combined with a mini- portrait session. Most hosts provide their friends with wine or champagne and appetizers to add to the soiree.

You can add a theme to the party to give it a spin of your own! Invite your friends over for an elegant dinner party and give them a reason to dress up. Or have them come over for drinks and snacks, for a laid back experience. It's up to you ! Antique Honey always loves retro themed pinup parties and bachelorette parties !

Antique Honey has a team of female professional celebrity makeup artists that are available for your boudoir party, just give us a call or send an email for information about hair and makeup rates.

{ ~boudoir party~ hostess with the mostess program }
  • For every person that signs up you will get a 5x7 print
  • If 3 people sign up you get an 8x10 print
  • If 6 people sign up you get another $25 off your session.
  • If 12 people sign up you get a complete complimentary Boudoir Session!
  • *sign-ups must place their deposit before your party date for them to be considered party sign-ups

{ cou·ra·geous }
Antique Honey has events and specials from time to time for Breast Cancer Awareness through our Boudoir Portraits Market. Proceeds through these events and specials go to Breast Cancer Awareness. Boudoir Portrait sessions are also gifted to women who have had chemo, mastectomies, or reconstructive surgery. This project aims to help aid in their emotional reconstruction and empower these beautiful, courageous women with stunning, feminine photographs of themselves that help mark this point in their life with a sensitive and beautiful tone to tell their story.

In the meantime, if you know of a gal who could use a pick me up, after her battle with breast cancer please email Antique Honey and you will be first on our list to know about the events, specials and gifts. Antique Honey has an understanding, and caring nature. Antique Honey does not call this charity, because these women have already given so much. This extremely personal project has been dubbed by Antique Honey as "Project Butterfly", in honor of Margaret Jane McCue Price and Catherine Ellen Price Grady. Project butterfly also works to honor many of the other women, wifes, mothers, friends, sisters and just downright great ladies who have battled breast cancer as a one man army. You are all butterflies.

and just when the caterpillar *
thought her world was over ,
she became a butterfly .

If you are a certified Art Therepist and are interested in collaborating with Antique Honey through Art Therepy, we would love to hear from you. We have a strong interest in Art Therepy and also love to hear about your childrens art therepy programs.

If you are interested in helping and volunteering, Antique Honey has a strong alliance with the Michael Magro Foundation amoungst many other organizations and will be happy to help you find volunteer opportunities in Art Therepy or for the foundation itself.

Antique Honey Boudoir photos and nude photography services are available for Women Only.
There are other studios out there for you, gentlemen.
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